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Muslim Families Network Society Summer Camp 2019

Everyone who has experienced our previous camps will tell you: there’s nothing like it. Part personal challenge and part journey of self-discovery.

This summer camp is a three-day, two-night action-based program. The objective is to enable participants to make better decisions and demonstrate leadership skills through MFNS camp experience.

Participants will be working with leaders with diverse work and cultural backgrounds where they will develop cross-cultural communication and collaboration skills, as well as discover new ways to enjoy themselves and build bond among other fellow Muslims. Participants will work in teams according to their age group.  The camp will also provide the opportunity to discover their own potential by developing interpersonal and leadership skills, increasing their self-confidence and acquiring the motivation and ability to bring about change.

  • Self-expression and communication
  • How to work under an unreliable environment.
  • Gain experience with cross-cultural collaboration
  • Team-building and small group facilitation skills
  • Learn new ways to approach challenges, create solutions, and show leadership.
  • Goal-setting and personal motivation
  • Social responsibility
  • Personal leadership skills

Not only there is a chance to learn and grow, it’s also tons of fun! From canoeing and hiking, to arts and crafts, we have many options for fun activities each day.

What you take away from this depends upon what you put into it. Perhaps the biggest lasting reward will be the bond and the friendship youth will be building. This is the biggest achievement our youth needs, the right people in their lives. Friendships built here do not break easily.

Just minutes outside of Calgary in Water Valley, the camp provides an experience like no other. All meals, transportation and fun provided free of charge. Participants can be dropped and picked up from the Genesis Center.

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2 things I admired about camp: I liked that we got up early to do wudu and pray. Not just because we prayed, but that it got us into the habit of waking up early to pray. We never missed the salah and we were on time always.
I liked how we came together at the end of the day to do campfire. It brought us all together to laugh and have fun. We were having so much fun and enjoy each other’s company, (my favorite part was roasting marshmallows). It helped us get to know each other better and that to me is amazing                                 

In conclusion, the camp was very interesting and amazing. It gave us time away from our technology and let us think more about ourselves rather than others. They told us to set goals for ourselves that we wanted to reach. The leaders really cared about us and cared that we reach our goals in life. I would definitely want to go again, and I will every opportunity I get. I very much encourage everyone to go to have this amazing experience”.