Upcoming Event

Muslim Families Network Society presenting its 14th Social Issues Conference

“Nurturing Our Children’s Resilience through a Strong Community”

Dr. Michael Ungar will use examples from his work with children and families facing challenges big and small. He’ll explore nine of the most important factors that contribute to resilience that depend on the resources given to us by our schools, families and communities.

Sheikh Ali Nasser will present the ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE of the above topic

Saturday Free workshops

  • I Still Love You: Nine Things Kids Need from their Parents, Caregivers, and Schools to Build Resilience

How can we show children we love them even when they push us away? How do we make children more resilient when they are angry or anxious? strategies parents need to help young people of all ages heal, no matter a child’s emotional, psychological or behavioral problems.

  • Depression and Anxiety Among Teens: Dr Caroline Buzanko
  • Pressures of Social Networking and Social Media: Jonathan Hutton, Woods Homes
Friday night conference dinner